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Spectrum Healthcare

The Difference is experience
Smiling Doctor

Spectrum Healthcare provides you an ample amount of service and support for treating and overcoming mental health and addiction use problems. Having a knowledgeable staff that comes from different backgrounds provides you with a unique and individualized type of treatment plan that is tailored towards you. Experience combined with passion is something that makes us special as a healthcare clinic.

We continue to support not just our community, but yours as well. If you choose Spectrum as your place to begin healing, we can guarantee that you will find a home away from home. That's what makes us as a clinic unique and it is something that we will hold onto forever.

The Difference is well-rounded treatment

Spectrum Healthcare offers therapy in conjunction with opioid medication treatment (we also offer separate mental health services).  Studies prove those patients whom couple therapy with medication management have a significantly higher success rate.  Our therapists are highly trained and can offer you proven methods of ways to avoid temptation and recognize the triggers. 

If you or someone you know is suffering from opioid addiction or needs mental help, please call Spectrum Healthcare at (414) 304-5713.  Our trained staff will assist you in taking the next step towards reclaiming your life.  

Therapy Session
The difference is Passion
Therapist Taking Notes

The prescribers in our office have been trained in other fields such as Anesthesiology, Family Practice, Physiatry, and Neurosurgery.  They have elected to enter this field because of their passion for helping people get back on track to living their normal lives.  Their combined years of experience in treating opioid patients is over 25 years. It is this dedication and service that makes Spectrum Healthcare unique.

We focus on you as a person and treat you like family. We think that there is no better way of treatment. It is because of this close and trusting relationship we create with our clients that ultimately leads to the greatest success.

What Makes us unique

Spectrum Healthcare continues to search for new innovative ways to provide the best therapies for mental health and addiction related issues. We always look and search for new ways to improve our clients lives. On top of that, all of our physicians and therapists recognize the importance of each individual and takes extraordinary care of them. What moves them is seeing positive results in their clients first-hand.

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