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Medication Assisted Treatment

Spectrum Healthcare

Serving Milwaukee Wisconsin and all surrounding areas.

All of our prescribers are licensed to treat and prescribe medications for various addiction disorders. All our prescribers are specially trained and experienced in prescribing Suboxone ® for opioid dependence.

Suboxone, & Vivitrol

Suboxone and Zubsolv are sublingual medications that contain the active ingredients buprenorphine and naloxone. These two medications can be prescribed to adults who are seeking services for opiate dependence (i.e prescription pain medications and heroin). This medication is used to help reduce risk and to minimize cravings for opiates. The dosing of the medication varies from patient to patient and an individualized treatment plan will be developed with their provider.  You can read more about Suboxone on our Suboxone Treatment page.

Sublocade is a monthly injection that contains the active ingredient buprenorphine. This medication is used in adults with opiate dependence. If patients are interested in this treatment option they must be assessed by their treatment provider to see if they meet the criteria to receive this injection. This option can be beneficial for the patient who struggles to remember to take daily medication and to help reduce risk.

Vivitrol is a monthly injection with the active ingredient naltrexone. This medication can be used in adults who are seeking services for opiate and alcohol dependence. Vivitrol is used to help reduce cravings for both opiate and alcohol use.  You can read more information about Vivitrol on our Vivitrol Treatment page

If patients want to utilize MAT to help support their recovery, patients need to work with their treatment provider to choose the MAT path that will likely be the best fit for their recovery journey.

Ketamine - Spravato (Coming Soon)

Spravato is a self-administered nasal spray that is taken under the supervision of one of our providers at Spectrum Healthcare. It contains a type of Ketamine called Esketamine. Ketamine has already been proven to be very successful in treating those with depression-related disorders and has been known to take effect sooner than other medications.

Spravato is taken twice a week for four weeks and then it is taken once a week for another four weeks. After that, one of our providers at Spectrum Healthcare will develop a treatment plan that is best for you.

Each treatment session lasts for about two hours during which, you will be monitored by one of our providers. After the drug is taken it will be up to a caregiver or family member to drive you back home safely as you are not allowed to drive until after a good night’s rest. It should also be noted that Spravato is not for everyone, which is why a comprehensive assessment will be done prior to developing a treatment plan.  You can read more about Spravato and Ketamine on our Spravato Treatment page.

We see the best results when medication treatment is coupled with therapy.  Make sure to check out all of the services we offer that will help set you up on the path to success.
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