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Therapists For Mental Health - Milwaukee

A therapist is a licensed psychology professional.  They can be licensed clinical social workers (LCSW) or licensed professional counselors (LPC).

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Finding a

Just as every patient has different needs, therapists have different methods of therapy. Here are a few helpful hints in finding a therapist that works for you:


  • Research the therapist to find out what type of therapy they offer. The internet has several websites listing a therapist’s credentials and methods. You can also call the clinic ahead of time for this information.

  • Make sure the therapist’s schedule works with your schedule. Do they have emergency hours? Are they available face-to-face, online, or both?

  • Is the therapist knowledgeable in the area you need? While every therapist is knowledgeable in all areas of mental health, some focus on specific areas such as anxiety disorders or PTSD. 

  • Give it time. Don’t ditch a therapist after one session. Relationships take some time to build. Effective therapy doesn’t happen overnight.


If you are searching for a new therapist, call now to schedule an appointment.

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