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Announcing A New Website!!!

Spectrum Healthcare wants to make sure we keep you updated on the latest happenings around the office. That is why we decided to completely redesign our entire website. Now more than ever, explore our interactive website and see the options we have towards helping those in need start on the right path toward success.

Spectrum Healthcare provides both medication-assisted treatment plans along with many different types of therapy solutions. We believe that every client is unique and treat each one of them individually, tailoring a plan that best fits them. Our staff consists of doctors and therapists who have had many years under their belt that come from different backgrounds. All of our doctors are certified to provide Suboxone and Vivitrol medication. It is because of our staff's unique and different experiences that help us treat and diagnose our client's every need. That's what makes Spectrum Healthcare unique as a mental health and addiction clinic.

Make sure to keep checking up on our website to follow the latest news happenings and tips around the mental health and addiction-related field. Also, if you want, fill out your email below to subscribe to our newsletter.

If you or someone you know is struggling and would like to help, make sure to contact Spectrum Healthcare today at (414)-304-5713.

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