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Building Roads to Recovery

People struggling today with a mental health and/or addiction disorder can sometimes feel thoughts of hopelessness. For some, finding a way to recover can seem like a daunting and almost unachievable task. Our minds are usually very good at making this seem true. But it is important to remember that nothing great was built overnight. This can be true and apply to an addict's recovery process. Thinking 12 steps ahead instead of one step at a time is not useful and usually leaves to giving in to urges and ultimately giving up.

Ups and Downs are Part of the Process:

Everybody is different when it comes to their recovery process and it is important to remember that. Some people will find going through treatments and programs a lot easier than others will. This is important to focus on because we as humans tend to be influenced by things that are based on comparisons. For an addict in a recovery process, it is crucial to realize that. Putting more focus on "you" rather than on "they" can help. Being more mindful and in-touch with your own recovery process is what it is all about. Constant learning and striving to get back in control is what the ultimate goal is.


Overall, for a person who may be feeling "stuck in the process," think about the already great steps you have taken to get here in the first place. Even the smallest step can lead to the greatest outcome. Stay on track and focus on taking this journey one step at a time. Building a solid foundation is the key to the path of success. Do not compare yourself to others that will make you feel discouraged. Stay focused on yourself and practice mindfulness. That is how you build roads to recovery.

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