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How To Set Achievable Goals

Goals help give our life meaning and purpose. When we have goals, we are able to work towards something that we would like to achieve and we get a sense of accomplishment from meeting our goals. However, it can be very easy to set a goal that is too big or unrealistic and therefore we give up. A helpful strategy called SMART goals can help you set achievable goals! What are they? View them below...

SMART Goals:

Specific: Be as specific as possible!! When we make our goal specific, we know exactly what we are trying to achieve. If it’s too broad, we might feel overwhelmed.

Measurable: When we make our goals measurable, we are able to see the progress we make. If we notice we aren’t making much progress then maybe it’s time to adjust the goal.

Achievable: Think about what resources, tools, or skills might be necessary to meet the goal you set. Do you have access to these resources or will that be a barrier to achieving the goal you set? What personal resources, tools or skills do you possess to achieve your goal?

Relevant: Is the goal you are setting something you genuinely want to accomplish? Is it relevant to your life or values? When our goal is relevant it helps us maintain motivation to complete it.

Time-Bound: Setting a timeline to achieve our goal, helps us maintain a sense of urgency to complete the goal. It can help us avoid procrastinating, as well as set up steps to achieve our goal with a defined timeline.

Overall, by establishing SMART goals, you will find that progress is easier towards your own goals when following the right steps. It is important that you trust the process and stick to it. Setting clear, sharp, and well-detailed goals will allow you to better measure where you are at. Once one goal is accomplished, take pride and feel a sense of accomplishment for completing it. You should also feel self-confident in your abilities and recognize that you have the power to succeed.

You can do it!

Source: MindTool

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