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Telehealth & Telemedicine

During this past year and the start of 2021, those who have been struggling with a mental health or addiction disorder may have had to see a therapist online because of the pandemic. This can make recovery feel difficult to manage without personal interaction. Also, because of the social restrictions in place, those who seek information, community, and social support groups may find it especially difficult to manage their mental health or addiction. However, there are positives to draw on when it comes to telemedicine and telehealth.

One advantage is that those who may have a far drive to seek recovery can now access care from their home. This can help reduce time and other significant barriers. Another advantage is the number of online resources that have been created and exposed for those who are seeking help. This has helped guided many people and proves successful in the recovery process. If a person is trying this out for the first time, they should know that it can be highly beneficial and that the process can work.

Overall, telemedicine and telehealth can have many positive impacts on those receiving it. While it does not have that personal one-on-one, it can help save significant time, remove social barriers, and provide outstanding resources for those in need. Creating awareness of the options and sources that are out there is key. For more information about this topic, click the link below.

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